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Hotel Management and Catering Technology

To be successful in Hotel Management, you need more than just a good knowledge of the hotel industry. You need to develop excellent management, time management, interpersonal and research skills, and good interpersonal skills. A good hotel manager knows how to delegate, but always keeps a close eye on every aspect of the business - kitchen, service, cleaning, maintenance, front desk etc. - and is always moving, always in touch with staff and guests.
A hotel is a permanent establishment with four or more bedrooms, and usually includes some kind of permanent food facility. It can be little more than a hostel, offering minimum services and standards, or a luxurious establishment with a complete restaurant, several bars and lounges, and a range of personal services and facilities. Hotels vary widely in size, clientele, business structure, services, and style. Some aim at meeting specific needs (such as providing basic services and neat rooms close to an airport for business people or visitors in transit), while others aim to appeal to a wider market to encourage greater occupancy and to ensure more even occupancy through seasonal or other changes (such as low tourist seasons).
Given the differences in kinds and sizes of hotels, hotel managers may be assigned different roles and tasks by different employers. Some may manage only one section of a hotel, coordinating their activities with those of managers in other sections. For instance, one person might manage to the food areas and another might manage housekeeping. In other hotels, the manager is in charge of all areas. If you are a hotel owner, you may manage the entire business on your own, or hire managers for some areas.
Job opportunities might also be found in other accommodation and tourism businesses, such as resorts, health farms, cruise ships, inns or motels. Any of these can also provide a pathway to a position in a large hotel, if that's where you want to go.
Why you want to study Hotel Management at Bharath College of Science and Management

  • Excellent Infrastructure
  • Well Qualified and dedicated Staff members
Only college having B.Sc., M.Sc., and M.Phil., Programs  in Catering Science under Bharathidasan University.
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